What is Crypto Granny?

Crypto Granny NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique artworks that are hand drawn with pure love and passion. With over 150+ traits, each one of them is a unique piece of art randomly assembled by code and will reside on the safe landscape of the Polygon Blockchain.

The Crypto Granny project aims to help the elderly by donating 25% of the total sale to the charity wallet to be distributed amongst different organizations. The charities that will profit from our donations will be picked by our community through voting on our social media channels.

For the first 20% of the total supply, the mint price for a piece is 25 MATIC. Every Crypto Granny holder will be able to get a free copy of every future edition.

Join our discord to take part in community activities, prizes, and special minting among other things.

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We’re a group of people who as nephews got their grandma’s into the crypto world by educating them on the subject.

300 CG – NFTs are set aside for team members, advisers, influencers, giveaways, and other promotional events.


We will release a new Crypto Granny limited edition collection, with each holder receiving one for free.


Our first donation will be delivered, with 25% of the entire revenue going to elderly charitable organizations that we will choose through our social media channels.


At this stage, we want to get acquainted with the Metaverse (Decentraland, Blocktopia, The Sandbox).


We’ll build a “play to earn” mini-game when all of the Crypto Granny has been sold. All owners of CG will be able to integrate their nfts into this game and compete for tokens.

Join The Community

Join our social media channels to take part in community activities, prizes, and special minting, among other things.



Trait Classes


Super Rare

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase Crypto Granny?

CryptoGranny will be available for purchase on OpenSea.io and on our website.

How much will it cost to Mint?

For the first 20% of the total supply, the mint price for a piece is 25 MATIC. The pricing will then be dynamic, changing based on certain milestones.

What can I do with my Crypto Granny?

Under a non-exclusive license, you are allowed to do anything you want with them. Because Crypto Granny follows the ERC-721 standard, it may be traded on exchanges like OpenSea. If you hold them, you will be able to claim future editions of Crypto Granny for free, as well as incorporate them into our Metaverse and play-to-earn game creations.

Why did you choose Polygon?

High Speed Transaction – One of the major advantages is that it helps its users to experience a smooth and instant payment process.
Cost-Efficient – Another major advantage is that the transaction fee here is very low when compared to several other blockchain networks.
Advanced Security – It functions on its own algorithm to make the platform more secure.
Interoperability – This platform allows its users to trade with NFTs from various Sidechains.

What about Tokenomics?

We have reserved 300 Crypto Granny for team members, advisers, influenecers, giveaways and other promotional events.

What is the marketing strategy?

Collaborations with other NFT artists, musicians, and influencers, as well as organic hype-building from our in-house, live-person team, are all part of our marketing approach. 

Will there be a Pre-sale?

Yes. the presale will go live for whitelisted users on February 1st

How can I get whitelisted?

Make sure to stay up to date on whitelisting by following us on social media and discord.